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Internet Business Magic

The internet is new technology, but Walt Disney’s Magic Strategy is even more important in the new tech world than it was in the old!

Rich Hamilton, author of *Internet Business Magic: Using Disney’s Magic Strategy in Your Own Online Business,* reveals certain key business strategies, and he shows you exactly how to use them online.

* Everything shows. Every day your customers and your employees compare you to the very best run companies in America, including Disney.
* How does Performance Technique apply to an online business? How does your business look? How does your business sound? How does your business feel?
* Creating Magic Moments for your website visitoes and customers. How to create spontaneous and planned Magic Moments.

Rich can help you with the strategy, but he goes further, showing you exactly how *you* can create and run your own website, without paying web designers a fortune in design and maintenance fees.

And finally, Rich will share Disney’s biggest secret, the one thing you *must do* after you create your website to make it work.