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How You Can Share in Rich Hamilton’s “Favorite 2500” Songs

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. I’m loading songs to the list in Artist order; most are done.

In recent years I’ve subscribed to SiriusXM radio for two cars. I’ve grumbled as I scanned my favorite satellite stations because all too often I couldn’t find a song I liked. And, when changing channels, when I did find a song I liked I missed the beginning.

Finally I decided to create my own private radio station. I cut out the expensive SiriusXM fees. And “my station” plays only the songs I really like.

This is not Pandora or some similar service. “My station” plays *exactly* my favorite songs. Nothing else.

Many of you know that I was in radio for much of my career. As I created my playlist, I found it grew and grew, reflecting music from the 1950’s to today. It totals more than 2500 songs! Friends have asked me for the list, so I’ve put it together along with an Amazon store that makes it easy to acquire the titles you don’t have.

I’ll also include an explanation of exactly what I did so I can listen to my station in my cars, in the house, and while away from home.

Find the special Amazon Store here.